Book Review: What the Earl Needs Now by Michelle Willingham


I loved the first book in this series, so I was eagerly anticipating the next installment where Lily is finally reunited with her lost love! It was a difficult book to get through at times, due to the serious nature of the hero's PTSD, but it was also hard to put down as I wanted to see how they overcame their struggles as a couple. The ups and downs made for a realistic, engaging romance. Lily Thornton has been waiting two years to be reunited with Matthew Larkspur, the Earl of Arnsbury, who she married in secret before he traveled to India with her brother. He was taken hostage by Indian rebels and tortured, and only a rescue from her brother saved his life. Upon returning to England, he is housebound, and Lily eagerly goes to see him. However, Matthew doesn't remember her or their marriage, and soon flashbacks from his imprisonment scare her away. Matthew must work to earn back her trust and save a love that had barely begun to thrive. What was interesting about this couple was the author's particular emphasis on Matthew's age, being that he was over a decade older than Lily. Not only do you have the conflict created by his PTSD, but also have this age divide. It doesn't bother Lily but it does cause some strife between Matthew and her brother. The attraction between Lily and Matthew happens quickly, and Matthew knows that Lily is the one who has captured his heart. When he leaves with her brother to go to India, he hates to leave her behind, but he wanted to be there for her brother as he sought to find his way in the world. Coming back from such torture showed a strength in character in Matthew that appeals to the reader, as it is one that we all hope we would have, should something tragic happen. His love for Lily endures, even though many things are thrown in its path. He fights for Lily and, eventually, he wins her love in return. I am eager to read the next book in this series, which I am hoping is Lily's friend, Evangeline's, time to shine. Her and Lily's brother, James, have quite the history, and I am interested to see how it will pan out. **I received a free copy via NetGally and this is my honest review.**

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