Book Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part by Eliza Daly

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A cute, fun romp of a story, I was laughing from start to finish! This is not unusual for this author, as Eliza has been writing a series under Eliza Watson that is laugh-out-loud funny, with real-life issues and drama thrown into the mix. What I love most about this author’s writing is her ability to take reality and finagle it in such a way that makes you realize life isn’t all that bad. You can find the good in everything. Cassidy Baldwin has officially made the transition from highly successful wedding planner to themed funeral organizer. After a scandal lands her in hot water at her previous company, she is forced out and blacklisted at all other wedding planner agencies. Now the only job she can get is planning football-themed funerals, complete with team colors painted on the deceased’s face. But when she plans a funeral for one of the wealthiest women in Milwaukee, she gets the opportunity of her career – planning the wedding of her playboy nephew, Ryan Mitchell. Once they find the bride, of course. While Cassidy is all about romance and finding Ryan his perfect match, Ryan just wants to get married so that his aunt’s inheritance doesn’t go to her family of adopted cats. Quick, meaningless wedding and a year later, divorce. That’s his plan. Too bad Cassidy has other ideas. The real stars of this story were the cat lady aunt’s staff. Quirky, opinionated, and hysterical beyond words, the secondary characters shone in this comedy of errors. Both Cassidy and Ryan had pre-conceived notions of each other, which led to some interested butting of heads until they both realized the other was a kind, genuine person. While Ryan has a past that makes it hard for him to trust Cassidy, her consistent care towards the staff shows how different she is from the woman who broke his heart. If she broke his heart, it would be his fault for being stubborn and blind. Things get bit hairy later on in the story, when Ryan has some difficulty seeing what is there rather than what he expects to see. But the ending makes you fall in love all over again as he makes it up to Cassidy in the biggest possible way! Very romantic. I could definitely see this being a movie – Hallmark, get to calling this author before someone else snatches this book up. I continue to love books written by this author, and I highly encourage all of you to check out any one of her books, either written by Eliza Daly or Eliza Watson. She is a master of writing, and I can’t say enough good things about her as a person and author. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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