Book Review: The Highlander Is All That by Sabrina York

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This was a fun, engaging story set in London, with a couple of rogue Highlanders thrown in the mix to make things interesting. Having read the previous three books in the Untamed Highlanders series, I knew I would enjoy the banter between the main characters and hearing about our previous heroes and heroines again. This took me back to Sabrina York's first book in the series, which captured my attention and heart, and I know it will capture yours too. Elizabeth St. Claire is obsessed with all things Scottish. In fact, after going to Scotland as a young girl, she has ceased to find much about London to recommend it, particularly the foppish men. Give her a tall, brawny Highlander with muscles any day, over a vain London peacock who smells of pomade. When their cousin, the Duke of Caithness, sends two highlanders in his stead to watch over them during the season, Elizabeth find herself smitten. Hamish Robb has no title, but that doesn't matter to Elizabeth, who finds his smile and laughter the best sort of seduction. He, too, is smitten with her, but he knows that he is in no position to be offering her marriage. He vows to stay away. Over time, however, they begin falling in love, but Elizabeth soon finds herself engaged to another man. Can their love endure such heartache? I greatly enjoyed both characters, particularly Hamish in his charm and good nature towards Elizabeth. He had some wonderfully romantic lines in this book, and Elizabeth ate them up as any good heroine would. However, there was a point in the book where their relationship was tested, and I felt both failed miserably at staying strong in the face of it. **SPOILER** Elizabeth finds herself forcibly compromised and engaged to a horrible man, and her family insists on them marrying - which blows me away, considering the willpower Elizabeth had shown up until that point. She barely puts up a fight before giving in, and then Hamish gets roaring drunk and admits he has a widow at home waiting for him. Good job, Hamish. **END OF SPOILER** They eventually came through it all with their love intact, but it brought my review down to 4 stars. It all seemed a bit manufactured, much ado about nothing, and I would have preferred to see a bit more fight in Hamish and Elizabeth. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing their love grow, and in particular, seeing Elizabeth find out how strong she is on her own. This series continues to be one of my favorites, and I am eager to read what is next (if there is, indeed, a next book). Sabrina York writes a beautiful romance story, and I encourage any reader of historical romance to give her books a try. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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