Book Review: The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews

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A quick read full of love and misunderstandings, The Lost Letter was a predictable yet pleasant read! I enjoyed the genuine emotions portrayed by both of the main characters, and I could easily picture each scene with the author's excellent narration. I enjoyed the banter between the hero and his sister, especially, as I kept picturing Charlotte Palmer from the 1995 movie Sense and Sensibility. Although I believe her husband was not as enthralled as Julia Harker's husband seems to be! Living as a governess ever since her father's devastating suicide, Sylvia Stafford has gotten used to the change from society darling to forgotten servant. That all changes when Lady Julia Harker comes calling, eager to bring Sylvia to save her brother from utter ruin. The only problem is that her brother is none other than Sebastian Conrad, once a colonel and now the Earl of Radcliffe, a man whom Sylvia had loved long ago. After sending him a letter that laid her heart at his feet, she received no response, and that combined with the censure of society upon her father's death ripped her heart in two. Sebastian is scarred now, blind in one eye and a recluse in his home. Seeing Sylvia Stafford is both a joy and a torment, as he recalls all the letters he sent to her that were never answered. With such misunderstanding between them, can they ever find true love again? While I frequently wanted to jump in the book and shake the pair of them, I really enjoyed both Sylvia and Sebastian. Sylvia was such a quiet young woman who had been dealt several bad cards in life, and Sebastian had an injury so devastating that he was sure he would repulse Sylvia on first glance. It was lovely to see that she looked right past those scars and acknowledged the man beneath. If only that man weren't so stubborn! If they had just sat down and hashed it out, this book would have been over in just a few short chapters. Instead they go back and forth until finally the truth is revealed. Then it's a matter of seeing if their love survived all these years - and of course, it did. Great book by Mimi Matthews! I am eager to read her next book, whatever it may be. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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