Book Review: Against All Odds by Jezz De Silva

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If you didn't have a hunger for a strong Australian man before this book, you most certainly will after reading it! Put down your books with vain rogues and arrogant millionaires. They are pansies compared to this rugged hunk of masculinity - I am quite serious, put those books down right now. You are also going to want to get out your credit card, buy a plane ticket to Australia, and get down on your knees and pray a guy like Ryder Harper sits down next to you. Just wait. You'll read this book and realize that Meghan is not nuts. Meghan is in love. On a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia after getting devastating news from her doctors, Abi Williams is just trying to live her life before it might be taken away against her will. Suffering from a recurring brain tumor, Abi is determined to make the most of every moment. And that includes the moment when a stud of a cowboy sits down next to her on her plane. Sergeant Ryder Harper, a war hero with a prosthetic leg and arm muscles as big as her thigh, is exactly what she needs. After thirteen hours, she is dreaming of joining the mile-high club and accepts his offer to go home with him for the night. One night soon turns into weeks in the outback at his family's station, but Abi knows that this will never last. She eventually will have to go home and leave him behind. But not if Ryder can help it. Have I mentioned I want a Ryder? I want one. Badly. He has great personality, charming humor, and gorgeous looks that we can only gaze upon when we look at pictures of cover models. So far out of my reach, it's bordering on pathetic, but hey - if Abi can get one, it gives me hope! Abi is a sweetheart, with a lot more gumption than I would expect from someone who has been through so much. Maybe that's why she's still alive and kicking. She refuses to be defeated, even when she knows that it's an uphill battle. Ryder doesn't even flinch when he sees Abi's bald, scarf-covered head, knowing that her heart is worth more than any head of hair. His affection towards her, even when she's fighting him, is so genuine and inspiring. If every partner could be like that when someone gets cancer, it would make it a bit more bearable. Instead of running away, he keeps running towards her, even when she does her best to create distance between them. It was a beautiful love story! I hope that Ryder's siblings will be getting books soon. I am eager to read about them all. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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