Book Review: Sweet Sacrifice by L.D. Rose

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This was a quick read, but nevertheless, an enjoyable one! I found it interesting to read L.D. Rose's take on angels, both traditional and created, and I thought her creativity appealing. The one thing I would have liked a bit more is backstory - a prologue was greatly needed, at least for me. I struggled a bit in the beginning to follow along, as it jumped right into an action scene but didn't really explain anything for several pages. I eventually figured it out though, and the story moved quite quickly from there. Bash is an arc, an angel who was created after he sacrificed his life to save his fellow soldiers. Fighting evil each day, he is just thankful to have escaped years in purgatory. While out with a fellow angel, his new world turns upside down at the sight of a familiar face - Irene Lockard, his wife. Irene has been mourning Bash for two years, and though she is encouraged to move on with her life, she can't shake the tears she gets whenever she thinks of his laughter and smile. When Bash reveals himself to her, she is both elated and confused. For her husband is dead, and if this is he, she is either blessed or crazy. Now Bash has a decision to make - embrace his life as an arc and move up in the ranks of heaven, or risk everything to be with the one person who holds his heart. I loved the romance between Bash and Irene, especially with all of the sacrifices both have to make to try to get their relationship to survive after death. Bash is risking everything each time he sees her, and Irene knows that people think she is acting odd. But neither can help it, when they know they could be together if only for a little while. It was heartbreaking and sweet, and the ending will make you cry. It is a touching story of love and second chances. Definitely made me interested to read more in this series! If you have time for a short read, this is one I highly recommend. **I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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