Book Review: Northwoods Magic by Desiree Lafawn


This was a wonderfully told fairy tale, mixing traditional mythology (such as the Green Man) with more contemporary fantasy (shapeshifting raven), and it was an absolute joy to read! I had read a series previously that reminded me a bit of the romance between the main characters - Tricksters by Tamora Pierce. While it was really the raven-turned-man that sparked the memory, I think Desiree Lafawn channelled Tamora Pierce while writing, as they both created a story that captured my heart and renewed my desire for more books like theirs. When Quinn Reynolds was sixteen, she was attacked by an evil spirit in the forest and lost her memories of the entire incident. Growing up, she has been told by doctors that her dreams are not real, and the memories she does have are figments of her imagination. Drugged and psychoanalyzed, she is convinced that she is crazy for years. Now 26, Quinn is determined to find out once and for all what is real and what is imagined. Traveling back to the place of her accident, she soon runs into a young man with familiar eyes and a sharp tongue. He is Corbin Olsen, and he is not who he seems. He knows what happened to Quinn, because he saved her that day ten years ago. When she left him, she betrayed him, but that sense of betrayal is soon overshadowed by the pain he sees in Quinn's eyes as she struggles to find out who she is. The real question is...what is she? Quinn and Corbin were amazing together! While they had a bit of a rocky start, it was magical to see the vulnerability in them both as they worked together to heal their respective wounds. I did feel the way Quinn talked was a bit frustrating, as it seemed too juvenile for her age, but given that she had spent years away from other people, it wasn't that surprising. I enjoyed her a lot more as she gained a sense of self and became closer to Corbin. Corbin was just a very interesting character. Born a raven and turned into a human, he has both raven and human qualities. One of the things I liked most was when he fed Quinn by hand, just as she fed him when he was a raven years earlier. That bonding moment was beautiful and solidified their love as a couple. Truly heartwarming! This is my first book by Desiree Lafawn but is certainly not my last! I am eager to read future books by her, particularly if they stay along this path of fairy tale and magic. **I received a free copy of this book from the Xpresso Book Tours and this is my honest review.**

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