Book Review: Say Yes to the Scot: A Highland Wedding Box Set

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This is a rare book in that it has four novellas inside and I actually enjoyed all of them! In general, novellas are not my thing. They try to shove too much into too little of a space, and things just get too rushed. Happily, each of these short stories are enjoyable and are just the right length to leave me satisfied. Below I have written some small reviews of each:

How A Lass Wed A Highlander – Lecia Cornwall

Having read several Lecia Cornwall books already, I expected an immensely satisfying story – and that’s exactly what I got! In this novella, Alexander Munro must find a bride by Midsummer’s Eve to save his clan from a slew of bad luck and his own untimely death. Enter Cait MacLeod, one of twelve daughters of the Fearsome MacLeod, who is betrothed to Alex’s enemy but vows never to marry him after discovering he only wants her for her father’s wealth. When she tries to stop him from attacking Alex’s clanspeople, she is taken prisoner by Alex and held in a room with only a few bits of furniture and a pile of mattresses and blankets for a bed. She doesn’t let this stop her from gaining the affection of his people, however, and soon Alex finds himself drawn to the kind and generous woman. The romance was fantastic, and I loved how they were drawn to each other in spite of themselves. It was magical!

A Match Made In Heather – Anna Harrington

Oh, the angst! This was a story filled with betrayal, misunderstandings, and lost love found again. It tugs at your heartstrings and makes you believe in love again. Garrick McGuiness, born the lowly son of a blacksmith, is now Lord Townsend, and his past has finally collided with the present, allowing for sweet revenge. Ten years ago, he meant to elope with Arabel Rowland, his employer’s daughter, but fate intervened, and Arabel was forced to let Garrick go. Thinking she was throwing their love away, Garrick storms off, and they don’t see each other for many years. Now they have both acquired one-half of an estate, the ancestral home of Arabel’s family. They must live together inside the home for thirty days before even thinking of selling, and Garrick knows this is his chance to get back at the family who ruined his life so many years ago. But the truth isn’t always clear, and Garrick must soon decide if his revenge is as important as his love for Arabel. Read it – I know you will love it!

A Midsummer Wedding – May McGoldrick

This was a quick, fun novella that I blew through in a little over an hour! I enjoy stories where the hero and heroine fall in love when they least expect it, and I especially enjoy when it happens as they’re trapped alone together. Elizabeth Hay has been engaged to Alexander Macpherson since she was three years old. However, he has left her alone for twenty years, and she has gotten quite comfortable traveling with her father, a well-known architect. When a missive is sent to her asking to meet with him, she realizes she must do something drastic to make him break their betrothal. But a fake affair and an attempted kidnapping soon finds them in a predicament, which leads to them taking refuge in an abandoned cottage. Getting to know each other in a confined space appears to be the perfect recipe for love, as they get to know each other and find they might be a better match than initially believed.

The Scot Says I Do – Sabrina York

Possibly the cutest novella of the four included in this anthology, I was laughing for most of the story. The heroine was spunky and the hero was a smitten, befuddled mess. It was absolutely adorable! Catherine Ross has loved Duncan Mackay since she was twelve, when he saved her from drowning. But she was too young for him, so he valiantly held her off for years, hiding his own affection for her. When her brother recklessly gambles away everything they own, Duncan sees it as an opportunity to save Catherine and finally prove his love. All Catherine sees, however, is him taking advantage of her brother’s stupidity, and now Duncan has a fight on his hands to prove that for him, it has always been about Catherine. Duncan and Catherine have a tempestuous beginning, but in the end, they find love with each other, in the sweetest of ways.

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