Book Review: Talk British To Me by Robin Bielman

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Go grab a bottle of water - you're going to need it to put out the fire while reading this book! Somehow Robin Bielman created a guy who could, for lack of a better word, be called a manwhore a likeable guy. This is genius, my friends. In general, I can't stand a hero of a book who sleep around. Seriously, it is extremely annoying. Especially when the heroine sleeps with him anyway. But in this case, you have a heroine who is strong, sweet, and sexy, who holds out a lot longer than I would have if I were in her shoes, and we also get a hero who tries to stay away but finds himself unable to resist the temptation that it his lady. That is romance. Pure and simple. It all started with a basket of hot wings. A little stumble and hot sauce is everywhere, making for a first meeting they will never forget. Mateo Gallagher is out "working" - as the Dating Guy, he is undercover dating different women almost every night, looking for new material for his radio show. When he collides with Teague Watters, the Dating Guy realizes he may have met his match. Sure, he knows she's interested, but he also knows that she wants forever and he can only be for one night. Still, their paths continue to cross, and Teague and Mateo can't keep their hands off each other. As the Dating Guy, Mateo has to stay single for his job, but with Teague, he wants much more than he can ever have. Firstly, if you haven't watched Hitch with Will Smith, you should. It feels very similar to this book, though he has lot more humility than Mateo. Mateo drove me absolutely nuts! One minute he was this sweet, sexy guy who was totally knocking Teague's socks off. Then he would do or say something stupid (I'm looking at you, Kiss Cam). He was way too arrogant for me in the beginning, but then, as a guy who constantly dated women and couldn't keep it in his pants, it's not that hard to believe. The fact that he could tone down his arrogance enough to reel in Teague was a freakin' miracle. Teague was the real deal - a genuine person who had no idea how sexy she was and who loved Mateo for who he was, not what he looked like (not that it hurt, right?). It broke my heart as she struggled with her desire to spend time with him and with the reality that he wouldn't be hers forever. Sexy Mateo, why did it take you so long to see what was right in front of you? Great book and one that prompts me to read more by this author in the future! I love the uniquely fun way of writing Robin Bielman has. Now let's read about Teague's friend, Harper, shall we? Fingers crossed that she's next! **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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