Book Review: The Broken Ones by Danielle Jensen

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**If you have not read the Malediction trilogy yet, be aware that my review brings up a subject that you may not know about and thus could be considered a spoiler.** . . . I loved the first two books in the Malediction trilogy (and haven't yet read the third book, unfortunately), and I was excited to read about one of my favorite secondary characters, Marc! His compassion for people and generally good soul made him a favorite in my heart from the start. However, his tragic past was masked a bit in the trilogy, and so I was intrigued that Danielle Jensen decided to tell his story to those of us who wanted to know. I knew it would be sad, given that the trilogy occurs after his love, Penelope, died, but I vastly underestimated the depth of my sadness by the end of this book. It made Marc's character even more of a tragedy to me, and it wrenched my heart even more to know how happy he could have been if Penelope lived. Marc Biron is the nephew of the king of Trollus and a member of the revolution which hopes to overthrow the king in favor of his son, Tristan. While Marc knows his duty should be to his people and his cousin, his admiration for Penelope d'Angouleme has begun to blossom into a dangerous desire to throw it all away for love. Penelope was born with an affliction, which causes her to be unable to heal in the ways most trolls, and this means she will never be allowed to bond with another troll, let along a royal one like Marc. When her life is threatened by her father and she runs to Marc for help, they set in motion a chain of events which threaten to destroy not only themselves but everyone in their world. Sometimes love doesn't conquer all... Penelope was as sweet as I imagined her to be! It made me angry how her sister and friends wouldn't let her in on their plans, that they looked at her as weak and a liability. The fact that her relationship with Marc made her just that was both depressing and frustrating. I could feel her pain when she knew she would die, and I could feel her love when she did what she had to in order to save Marc and the revolution. They were such a tragic couple, like Romeo and Juliet up until the end. It was magical, romantic, and ultimately a heart-wrenching story of love gone horribly wrong. I would highly recommend reading this book before the trilogy, because it helps you better understand how everything came to be for the first book in the series. You will have a better appreciation for all that Anais has gone through as well, as Penelope's sister and Tristan's one-time love. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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