Book Review: Dominic's Nemesis by D. Alyce Domain

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This book captured my interest from the first page, lighting my imagination and transporting me to a world of magic. The author did a splendid job of creating characters who were realistic and broken, making them relatable and easily understood to a modern reader.

Dominic Ambrosi is a recluse. Living alone away from people, he is content to stay hidden away from the prying eyes of society. Born with an ability that fascinates some and terrifies others, he has learned to hide that which makes him unique. The last thing he expects is for a confused, distraught woman to land in his carefully ordered world. Eden Prescott has no one left - her family is gone and she is stuck in a world that doesn't make room for independent women. When an accident leaves her at the mercy of Dominic and his brothers, she realizes that perhaps she has a place in the world after all. At Dominic's side.

I enjoyed the dynamics between Dominic and Eden. I admired Eden for her resilience in the face of such tragedy, and the way she communicated with Dominic, who was perhaps equally as damaged as her, was a lovely thing. She works to heal him, to let him know that he is a man she could love and does not frighten her. Dominic is terrified that Eden is mad, when she begins to experience supernatural events in his home, so that did become frustrating after a while. It took quite a bit of time in the story for him to come to his senses. His youngest brother was actually more supportive of her than Dominic was, especially in instances when her sanity was called into question. Instead of defending her, he gave in to his doubts and fears. However, in the end, it all worked out for the better, and they both found love in each other.

Exciting story and one I hope will be continued on in a series one day. I am particularly interested in reading more about Dominic's brother, Stephan. Fingers crossed that he will get a book soon!

**I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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