Book Review: Alien Mate by Cara Bristol

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A quick, romantic read with spice and action! I went into this with low expectations, which is just a testament to the alien romances I have read in the past. It's hard to find one where you're not rolling your eyes and closing the book halfway through. This book was funny, and I loved the main characters. Very well done! Starr Conner has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life on Dakon as mate to one of the alien males inhabiting the planet. Two hundred years ago, an asteroid struck their planet, killing most of the population and causing majority of the births to produce males. Now they are desperate for females to repopulate, and Earth has plenty of female criminals to go around. The problem is, Starr is innocent and she is also in love with her alien mate. Now she must decide if she loves him enough to stay on a Dakon with him. Starr and her mate, Torg, were great characters, with depth and history that made them very intriguing. I loved that Torg truly cared about Starr and her acclamation to Dakon. This could easily have been one of those books where alien man meets earth woman, drags her by the hair back to his cave (which, incidentally, Trog does have), and ravishes her against her will. I have read enough of those to last me a lifetime. Luckily, the author had the smarts to make Torg loveable and gentle, who actually offered to wait to consummate their mating until she was more comfortable. Starr, seeing how caring and hunky he is, doesn't accept that offer, but it was sweet nonetheless. She was an independent woman who appreciated what a special man Torg really is, and that was really nice to read. I am eager to read more books by this author! This was my first by her, and I can already tell that she will make me a very happy reader in the future. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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