Book Review: Beastly Lights by Theresa Jane


While I greatly enjoyed this book overall and the first half was TO DIE FOR, it took me several days to decide how I should review it. The ending was almost rushed, and I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps it was tied up too neatly to be genuine? The characters were so real and tugged on my heartstrings, and the angst between them drew me in and made me want more. At the same time, it was a lot of the same angst over and over again, and the resulting climax (no, I'm not going there - dirty minds) was a little underwhelming. But let me tell you a bit about the story before I go further...

Freya Coleman really needs a job. Broke from trying to live on an artist's salary (that is to say, zero dollars), she is caught trying to steal a few bucks from her gambler brother and is subsequently gambled away to one of his clients - a famous rockstar, Liam Henderson. She is soon living in his home, battling his coffee machine, and generally wreaking havoc in his absurdly perfect apartment. But life isn't all it's cracked up to be for Liam. He has a drinking problem and friends who just make it worse. After the first evening of drunk people in the apartment, with Freya locked in her bedroom, she realizes that Liam has problems just like every other person. But will she be enough for him to change his ways?

The answer, dear reader, is meh, not really. What I loved about Freya was that she didn't take any crap from Liam, at least not for the first half of the book. She went toe-to-toe with him when he was angry with her for rearranging his furniture (turns out Liam has a mild case of OCD), and she refused to clean up his messes after his parties. Liam was really sweet and yet so messed up, which is awesomely realistic but also very aggravating. He cared about Freya to a certain extent, but his drinking problem didn't resolve itself to the point where his caring showed 24/7. His caring showed maybe 4/5 - read: four hours a day, five days a week. I loved those times, but when he drank and let his "friends" run his life, it was a real problem. Without giving too many spoilers, let's just say it takes a GIANT mistake in the end for him to finally admit that he has a problem and needs to knock it off. I was a bit disappointed in Freya, because she stuck with him way longer than she should have, in my opinion. But that is life, right? We give people too many chances and let them walk all over us.

Which is, perhaps, what makes this book so great. It feels like a real person's life. It's not a make believe world, with a nice happily ever after and a child on the way. Instead it makes us look at ourselves and question how we live our lives. Are we appreciating those around us? Do we have toxic friendships? Have we reached that point in a relationship where we need to say enough is enough?

This book is a genuine adventure in life, and I highly recommend it. The author excels at telling a story that draws you in and never lets you go!

**I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

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