Book Review: The Bad Boy Next Door by Jody Holford

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Loved this book! It had so many funny moments, where I related with the characters and wanted to jump into the story to join them. It's always amazing when an author can create a world that so tempts the reader. Shay Matthews has just moved to Boston, escaping from a love affair gone wrong and an overprotective family. While moving in to her new apartment, she quickly realizes that making a fresh start is hard when temptation in the form of Wyatt Daniels is standing right in front of her. Wyatt is a detective with no time to mingle with the new girl in the building, but when they keep running into each other, he finds it's going to be hard to stay away. When Shay is in danger, Wyatt's protective instincts kick in, and soon they are becoming more than just neighbors. The chemistry with this couple was off the charts! Their attraction was instantaneous, but once they actually began talking, I was so excited. The banter, the laughter, and the shy smiles were adorable, and I just knew they would be a couple to remember. Sadly, the sexy times faded to black, so I did feel a bit of disappointment. Because given their connection, you know the sex scenes would have been *amazing*! Shay was cute, quirky, and generous, with a personality that seemed to grab each person she met. Wyatt was a loner, antisocial, and thoroughly uninterested in people until Shay came along, which made his character development all the sweeter. The ending will make you smile. I am excited to read the next book in this series! I imagine it will be Brady and Mia, which promises to be fun given their interactions. And Brady is a sweetheart who needs a happily-ever-after. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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