Book Review: Hard to Protect by Incy Black

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This was a deep, thought-provoking book about the horrors of childhood trauma and the effects of war (both foreign and domestic) on the human psyche. I experienced so many emotions right alongside the characters, whether it was Angel, Will, or one of their family members, it opened up all my senses and left me feeling. Will Berwick is running on sheer willpower. After being seriously injured on a mission and then learning his fiance killed herself while he was away, he is struggling to keep it together. Soon after being assigned to therapy with Dr. Angel Treherne, his superior tells him that he needs to get her to reveal the location of her brother, a scientist on the run with top secret intel, by any means necessary. Reluctant at first, Will decides to try to warm her up enough to get close to her. But a series of tragic mistakes leads to them being taken hostage, and as they get closer to each other, so does their past. There was such angst between Will and Angel that I frequently doubted whether I would really be rooting for them to get together for real. Angel ranged from icy, reserved professional to wild sex kitten really fast, and it left my head spinning. It wasn't until halfway through the book, when I saw the real Angel, that I began to understand her and where she came from. She was traumatized as a child, so of course she is messed up as an adult. But she is still so strong and doesn't take any crap from Will. Will had issues of his own, and it was sad to see him battle his own emotions. When the walls came down for them both, it was huge and a relief. Their love shone so brightly in the end. This is my first book I have read in the series, but it's actually the third book the author has written for the Black Ops Heroes series. I am eager to read the first two and learn more about the team. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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