Book Review: Her Relentless Russian by Leslie North

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Woah, okay, I need a minute to get the steam off my Kindle screen. That was H-O-T, with sexy times galore and a hunky guy with bulging muscles to make your mind go wild with the possibilities. While I had a hard time pinning down the specific sub-genre - is it erotica, romance, crime fiction, etc. - I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was packed solid with action, comedy, and sex to last me for the rest of the week. Dmitry Kalev is the son of a murdered mafia boss, and he is on a mission to figure out who killed his father. When he discovers a hacker associated with the mob lurking at his favorite coffee shop, he corners her to find out what she's up to. A rainbow-haired part-time burlesque dancer, Harper Allen thrives on the thrill of hacking into unhackable systems. And when she sees Dmitry, she can't resist offering up her services - all of her services. Working together, they risk their lives, and ultimately, their hearts. I loved the chemistry between Dmitry and Harper! While I didn't really relate to either of them, nor did I want to crawl into the book to be their friend, I thoroughly enjoyed their unique personalities. Harper, in particular, was a hoot. She is spunky, free-spirited, and wholly aware of herself, who she is and what she wants. She was a bit more promiscuous than I'm used to in most of the books I read, but it was lovely reading something different from my norm. It ended really well, and I liked seeing them together as a couple. Definitely a book to read on a lonely night, when you need to live vicariously through a book boyfriend. Go read about Dmitry - you'll be glad you did. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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