Book Review: Stealing the Rogue's Heart by Erica Monroe

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A pleasant, quick read with lots of action! All the feels of Romeo and Juliet without the death, which is good, because I always thought Shakespeare really messed up the ending. Mina Mason is the younger sister of Joaquin Mason, the leader of the Mason gang and the enemy of the rival Chapman gang. Charlie Thatcher is the adopted son of the leader of the Chapman gang, though his future there becomes rocky when his love for Mina is brought into the light. After a bloody brawl which leaves his loyalties in question and Mina's hand in marriage firmly in the grasp of a lecherous associate of her brother's, their future seems rocky at best. But love is worth fighting for, and they won't rest until they are together again. Mina and Charlie are one of those couples where it's really easy to want to kiss them and slap them all at the same time. I loved their chemistry, Mina's stubbornness, and Charlie's protective instincts. However, I also felt both were extremely naive given their circumstances. Mina has grown up in a crime family, but at one point in the book, she is shocked to discover that everything she owns is paid for by money made illegally. Charlie is a bit more logical, but he also seems to underestimate the situation he finds himself in. While Mina has some excuse, I expected a bit better from a man who actually commits crimes for a living. I loved the story and am eager to read more in this series! It was an exciting book, perfect if you have a day to yourself to immerse yourself in a story. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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