Book Review: Taking Care of the Target by Cindi Madsen

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This was such an exciting book! I loved the action, the suspense, the forbidden was gripping and hard to put down. Cassie Dalton is a shy, unassuming waitress when she is the accidental witness to a murder by the mafia. In her attempt to escape, she runs out into the road and is hit by a car. When she comes to, she has no memory of the last few years and muddles through day by day without knowing what she missed. Vince DaMarco is the mob boss's nephew and in love with Cassie. When his uncle calls for her to die, Vince knows he is the only one who can save her. Running from the FBI, who wants her as a witness, and the mob, who wants her in a grave, they move farther away from home and towards a very uncertain future. I loved the chemistry between Cassie and Vince! It was really sweet how he didn't take advantage of her memory loss to make his move. It actually took quite some time for the sexy times to begin, and I found it both romantic and refreshing. Vince was a very confused character, at times wanting to be clean and stay out of mafia business, and at others he was calling cops pigs and explaining away his own past brushes with the law. Fighting between loyalty to his family and loyalty to the woman he loved was sad to read about, but I think the author did a great job. Cassie was a sweetheart and almost too good to be true for Vince. Virtually no flaws in her, which can sometimes be irritating but was welcome in her. I look forward to reading more books by this author! Very enjoyable read, with an exciting plot and relatable characters. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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