Book Review: King's Knight by Regan Walker

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This was a sweet, quick read full of historical drama and passionate romance! Given the time period, I was expecting the hero, Sir Alexander of Talisand, to be very chauvinistic and be abusive towards the heroine, under the guise of love and protection. I was pleasantly surprised that though he began as a man who thinks little of women beyond sex, he quickly turns it around after reuniting with his heroine, a childhood friend. Merewyn of York is a child born from rape, an orphan taken in by her mother's dear friend and learning to protect herself using a bow and arrow with devastating skill. She has been infatuated with Alexander of Talisand ever since he saved her from a group of boys intent on stealing her virtue, and as a woman grown, she realizes that infatuation has grown into an impossible love. She is a commoner, with a shameful birth in the eyes of others, and Alex is a knight beloved by his king and expected to marry as his king wishes. However, love never follows the rules, and they soon become entwined in a love story which seems can only end in sorrow. Merewyn and Alex were a lovely couple. I loved how they knew each other for so long, since it allowed them to grow close quickly and see how perfect they were for each other. Alex was concerning at first, given his assumptions regarding Merewyn, but he eventually understood that she wasn't like other women who chase him. He would need to do the chasing instead. Great read for a rainy day when you're stuck inside and need a pick-me-up! If you love history and romance, you'll love this book. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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