Book Review: Wicked In His Arms by Stacy Reid

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Once again Stacy Reid has left me spellbound by her beautifully spun story of romance between two wildly different people. I am intrigued by the persistent belief that opposites attract, and Stacy does an amazing job convincing me that I need to go out and find me a man who is gruff and hardened. Because I completely relate to her heroine every time, and this one is no exception. Lady Olivia Sherwood is a hoyden, revelling in the manly pursuits of riding astride and fencing and shunning the social niceties expected of her in Town. She is sent to the home of her stepfather's cousin to learn what she needs to know to gain a husband, and she soon finds herself entranced by the lady's son, Tobias Walcott, the Earl of Blade. Having grown up with a volatile and abusive father, Tobias has sworn off emotions, feeling safer in being practical in all matters. Livvie is a nightmare to his refined sensibilities, but he finds himself enthralled by her fire and wit. When a comprising position leads to marriage, a battle begins as Tobias' ice and Livvie's fire collide, and love seems an impossible task. I found myself as intrigued by the main characters as they were by each other! Livvie was so genuine, believing that she could stay true to herself no matter how others try to stifle her. Tobias was very frustrating, which was no surprise given the wall he had built around his heart. He behaved callously towards Livvie often, but then he would turn around and be warm towards her. His true self battled his icy facade almost the entire book, and it made for a roller coaster of feelings during the reading of it. Livvie stood up for herself, and it was gratifying to see that she didn't give in and confirm to how society wanted her to be. She also showed no fear in the face of Tobias' anger, which just made me love her more. I loved the ending, as it restored my faith in the idea that love truly can conquer anything. I am so excited to read the next book in this series! I have yet to be disappointed in a Stacy Reid novel. She is an artist with words, creating characters with scars and courage. They are people any reader would want to know. I can't wait to meet the next couple. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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