Book Blitz: The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes

Today is a really special day - a book blitz for Grace Burrowes' new book, The Trouble with Dukes! Below you will find buy links, my review for the book (free copy provided by the publisher), and a special Top 5 List by Grace Burrowes herself. I have also included a picture of not only this book's gorgeous cover, but the intriguing cover of the next book in the series, Too Scot to Handle.

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I have read several of Grace Burrowes' novels, and each time I am struck with how unique they all are from each other. It's a rare thing when an author has been writing for a while, and I often hear readers say that the author begins to repeat ideas, character traits, etc. Not so with Grace Burrowes' books! This story of humble-soldier-turned-duke was lovely and one that was a pleasant surprise. The humor alone in this book is enough for me to recommend it to any reader, but it's the character development that is quite impressive and worthy of applause. Colonel Hamish MacHugh has just been made the Duke of Murdoch, grimly known as the Duke of Murder by high society. Reluctant to fill such ill-fitting shoes, he tries to leave for Scotland at the earliest opportunity. However, when he meets Megan Windham, all plans are thrown to the wind as they soon find themselves in a courtship. The one bump in the road is Megan's informal betrothal to a scoundrel, who holds a secret over her head that could mean ruin to her and her sisters. It's Hamish to the rescue, kilt and all, to save his love from a loveless marriage. I l-o-v-e-d Hamish! He was such a lovely, genuine person, entirely lacking in what we refer to today as political correctness. A breath of fresh air for our Megan, and I think that's what made her fall for him. After being so cruelly deceived by another, she desperately wanted someone she could feel safe with, and that person was most definitely Hamish MacHugh. Megan, or Meggie as Hamish so charmingly calls her, was very fun to read about. It was a bit hard to get a feel for her character in the beginning - Hamish was much easier - but once she got her bearings with Hamish, she quickly became a strong woman. Her character growth in just a few weeks was amazing, and the ending of the book was like watching a fireworks show. Beautiful, powerful, and mesmerizing. No wonder Hamish is in love. I am eager to read more about Hamish's brother, Colin, as well as Megan's sisters. My guess is that Colin and Anwen will be paired up next, am I right? I hope so. Hansen seems like a sweetheart and so does Colin.

And now we have Grace Burrowes...

Top 5 Regency Faux Paux

1. A lady was not to be too skinny. Prominent collarbones were lamentable, for example.

2. Putting milk into a tea cup before the tea. This apparently announced that you had inferior porcelain (such as might crack if hot, hot tea were poured in first).

3. Tripping over your train when you were presented at court. Endlessly mortifying!

4. Dancing with the same partner twice in one evening (unless you were engaged to that partner)

5. (For a gent) Speaking to a lady to whom he’d not been properly introduced

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