Book Review: Roger's Bride by Sarah Hegger

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It was a bit slow getting into this book, but I ended up blowing through the second half in only a few hours! I loved the banter between the hero and heroine, and it was intriguing to read about the lives of the secondary characters as well. Sarah Hegger is skilled at creating characters who are relatable, no matter what century you live in. Kathryn of Mandeville knows that Roger of Anglesea is perfect for her sister, Mathilda. If only Mathilda agreed. When her sister unexpectedly flees from an engagement with Roger, Kathryn decides to help Roger get Matty back. But along the way they discover that the person Roger is perfect for may already be within reach. Soon Kathryn must work to discover what love truly is before she loses her chance at a happy marriage. Kathryn and Roger were truly perfect for each other! I loved the wit and humor between them; it made for a fun read that frequently made me laugh out loud. While Kathryn's distrust of Roger is understandable given her history (her father was abusive), it was frustrating to see the obstacles they had to overcome because of her stubbornness. Roger was a sweetheart for the most part. He was kind, loving, and attentive towards not only Kathryn but also his family. Truly a chivalrous hero. I am anxious to read more books about Roger's family! Some have already been written and others will be written soon, I am sure. Very engaging read that I recommend highly to romance readers! **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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