Book Review: A Whole Latte Christmas by Sophie Mays

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This was a really sweet, quick read! When it's a cold night this winter, A Whole Latte Christmas is a great book to read while curled up in a chair with a warm cup of hot chocolate. The story follows Sonia and Aiden, during the week before Christmas. Sonia saves Aiden's niece after she falls into a freezing cold pond. He invites her out for coffee in thanks, and that's when Sonia finds out that Aiden owns a great new coffee shop called Artist's Corner. It's not doing well though, and Sonia worries that Aiden may have to leave. With a little Christmas magic, they find that love and faith can lead to a beautiful holiday season. I enjoyed both characters immensely, as well as many secondary characters introduced in the story. Sonia and Aiden both had huge hearts, and their inherent goodness brought them together. It was a sweet courtship, and I loved how Aiden allowed Sonia her space when needed. Great short story for a cold Christmas eve! Definitely one not to miss. **I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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