Book Review: The Stingwisher by Loren Blowers

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I had the pleasure of meeting the author at Alien Con, and it was such a delight to meet her in person. Sometimes books are better appreciated when you can visualize the author writing the scenes and characters, and this was definitely one of those times. While The Stingwisher is longer than most books I read, it captivated me. I finished it in a day - it was THAT good. Bianca Lombardi has an alcohol problem. And a drug problem. And a car problem, when you consider that she is currently without a license, courtesy of her DUI history. So when she is at her college in the lab, which just happens to be a morgue, and she is mysteriously transported to a strange place inhabited by a crazy doctor and the's not much of a stretch that she has finally become a resident at the local loony bin. She soon discovers that the "devil" is actually a member of an alien race called the Tultoromae, and she is their Madonna, their last hope for their people. All she has to do is procreate. With one of them. RIGHT. I thought Bianca was awesome! She had so much sass, and I loved seeing her give what she got back at her abductors. While the chauvinism was annoying at times, especially during moments of extreme domination, she stayed strong throughout it all. Raddo Rotic, who could be classified as the love interest but was really so much more, was a charmer, and I could easily see any human abducted by him willingly succumbing to Stockholm Syndrome to get in his pants. Just saying. This book was written two years ago, and the next book has no release date that I could find. While it doesn't really end on a cliffhanger, it leaves me begging for more. I hope Loren Blowers will release the second book soon!

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