Book Review: The Rogue by Allison Butler

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This book gave me a reading first: I cried over the death of a character. Oh sure, I have cried while reading a book before, but usually it has been because of a terrible betrayal or heartbreak and is often accompanied by violent throwing of said book across the room. I became so ridiculously attached to the characters in The Rogue, that the loss of even one almost threw me into hysterics. It shows a true gift of writing when an author can turn me into a watering pot. Adair is a man without a last name. Abandoned as a young boy, he grew up with a clan in the Borders, and now he is on a mission to find out who his parents are. On his journey he is brutally attacked and dumped on the doorstep of Keila Fearn. Keila has also grown up without parents, utterly alone until the age of ten when she was put into the care of a childless woman named Moira. She is captivated by Adair, but she knows that she cannot marry if she were to fall in love with him. If she did, she would lose her home as part of a long-ago agreement. As both lose the struggle against that fate, Keila begins to be targeted by violence. When her friends are attacked, Adair works to ensure the safety of his now-beloved Keila. I really enjoyed both Adair and Keila. They were generous and kind, with baggage that should have turned them bitter but instead made them strong. Adair was a wonderful hero, with a heart of gold, who swiftly loses that heart to the lovely lady who heals him after his attack. Keila has every reason to not trust him, but she almost instantly feels safe around him. I loved that they didn't let fear control them, and they both admitted to their love for each other. It was beautiful affection of the best kind. From my reactions to these characters, I can tell this is an author I must read again. I greatly enjoyed this book, even if I did cry at that one part. It just shows that I connected emotionally with the characters, and that is a wondrous thing. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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