Book Review: The Rebel of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood

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Once again Lily Blackwood has written a swoonworthy romance full of secrets, mystery, and true love! I fell in love right along with the two main characters, making me wish their story didn't end with this book but continued on in the next. Though this book had a darker tone than the first book in the series, it was highly enjoyable, and I read late into the night with unstoppable eagerness to see how everything would turn out. Tara Iverach has lived in a priory for the past five years following the death of her parents, receiving occasional letters from her elder sister. When her guardian shows up one morning and announces her betrothal to the son of the Chief Alwyn, she also receives news that her sister has died. Stricken by grief, she plans to escape the betrothal as soon as possible. However, on her way to the Alwyn keep, her escort is attacked, and she is saved by a man who claims to be her betrothed. Tara soon learns the man is actually Magnus, the bastard son of the Chief Alwyn, who is the opposite of his cruel brother, Hugh. Magnus instantly feels an attraction to Tara, but he must fight to conceal his desire for her even while he works to save her from her unwanted betrothal. For he has a much larger goal to in mind - avenging his true parent's deaths and taking his rightful place as Faelan Kincaid, the Rebel of Clan Kincaid. The romance between Tara and Magnus was breathtaking! I felt every soft touch and heard every whispered endearment as they fell in love under the moonlight. Tara, being trapped in a tower during her stay, was scared and unsure of who she could trust upon arriving at the Alwyn keep, but Magnus was always there for her. He was so gentle, so concerned for her well-being, and it was quickly apparent just how good of a person he was. He put others before himself, no matter the danger, and he cared more for justice than obeying a cruel lord. Although some of his actions were foolish and led to a misunderstanding between he and Tara, he admitted when he was wrong and didn't let it stop them from having a happily ever after. Chivalry at its finest. I cannot wait for the next Lily Blackwood book. I imagine it will be about the third missing Kincaid brother, Cullen, and my heart already goes pitter-patter when I see the name. It will be wonderful to see all three brothers reunited and find happiness. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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