Book Review: Up the Seine Without a Paddle by Eliza Watson

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This was a wonderful, sweet second book in the Caity Shaw series! While not as hysterically funny as the first book, this brought out all the feels you can think of: humor, sorrow, and love. I fell in love with the setting of Paris, and the way it was described by the author makes me wish I could go tomorrow. Caity Shaw is in Paris, once again working with her good friend Declan, for an event specifically for funeral directors. While not so enthused by some of the morbid attractions on the group's tours, she is even less so about her spontaneous role as au pair to one of the director's young son, Henry. While taking care of Henry, she is kicked out of two buildings, walked to a different hotel, and snuggled by a dog named Esme. Needless to say, Caity is having a wild time in Paris, but now the question is what will happen from here with Declan? I really liked this chapter in Caity's life, because it showed a much more serious side of her. We see more of her PTSD coming out from her past abusive relationship with her ex, and she becomes stronger as she works through her anxiety. Declan also is more serious in this book. It's revealed why he is so hands off with Caity, and the shock sets the tone for their friendship going forward. It's engaging, romantic, infuriating, and delightful all at the same time. I can't wait to see where their relationship goes next! I highly recommend this book to any reader who likes humor and adventure in their romance books! Definitely read the first book before this one, in order to fully appreciate the character development. Thankfully we only have to wait until July to see what happens next. **I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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