Book Review: Stormblaze by Kate Bonham

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What an interesting new take on dragon shapeshifters! I enjoyed reading about the history of dragons and their battles with dragon Slayers. The two main characters were intriguing, though I frequently found other characters even more attention-grabbing. Although it seems like this might be a standalone novel, it would be wonderful to see other characters, like Rowen or Delia, to get their own books. Hadyn Torrens has been in hiding for a long time. Living in a post-apocalyptic world without electricity, society has turned medieval and people are hunting all of the Drakon who are foolish enough to make themselves known. After saving a human named Edana Wynters from a group of Destitutes, he gains her as a companion, and they make their way through various lands looking for safety. Edana feels no fear when she discovers Hadyn's true nature, and she is determined to help him control his shifting powers. As they become closer, their love turns into a danger that jeopardizes Edana's life and threatens Hadyn with the loss of yet another loved one. Hadyn's gruff temperament was nicely contrasted by Edana's bright demeanor, and they were practically an old married couple from the get-go. They become close in spite of Hadyn's fear of loving someone again. Edana senses this reluctance, but she is determined to love him and have him love her back. Their stumbles and losses along the way made it seem like maybe their love wouldn't last, wouldn't be able to break through Hadyn's wall, but it was a beautiful struggle to watch. In the end, love definitely prevailed. I love Kate Bonham's writing style! It's engaging and quick, keeping her ideas fresh and exciting. I am eager to read more of her books in the future. **I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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