Book Review: Bloodfeud by C.R. Benson


I powered through the reading of this book like I would receive a giant slice of chocolate cake once it was finished. Though I was sans cake once I was done, I was left with the same sense of satisfaction as if it was there. Partially because I was REALLY late in reviewing it (sorry Cory!) but mostly because this is exactly what I wanted in the second book. Had I sat down with the author and told him what I needed in this book, it would have led straight to what was produced. This book was written from the girl's POV, with new characters, old love, and an ever-changing world of mythology to enjoy. We got not only werewolves in this book, but we also meet a vampire, a demon, a Grim Reaper, and the King of Hell. Fascinating stuff. This book picks up where Bloodlust leaves off, so if you haven't read Bloodlust yet, turn back now. This review will be spoiler-ridden... Mila Baine is heartbroken after losing her love, Derek. Sinking into a deep depression, she goes home for the summer and decides she needs to get away. She parks herself in the woods, and there she meets an old friend of Derek's, a priest named Tirayne. He tells her of a possibility to get rid of all the Blood Wolves, but he needs her help to do it. They embark on a journey to Canada, to a place where a pack of Blood Wolves live in the woods. Although they expect to encounter trouble, the last thing they expect is to encounter someone, or rather, multiple someones, who are supposed to be dead. Now the game has changed, and Mila must fight for her future. And his. I really can't say a whole lot without being revealing too much, so I will only speak of Mila. She became so much stronger in this book, and after her disappointing performance in the first book, I was glad to see her strength of character. In this book, I looked forward to her witty remarks and her ideas on getting out of tough situations. I was very proud of her, and I'm sure Derek would have been too. I don't know if there will be another book - I think this wrapped up very nicely. I'm excited to read more books by this author! He has a flair for creativity and action-packed stories that I find very fun. Definitely an author to follow. **I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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