Book Review: The Christmas Tree by Allyson Charles

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I have to admit, it was a little weird reading a Christmas romance before December. I never like to skip Turkey Day in my celebrations. However, I really got into the Christmas spirit quickly, reading about the town's Christmas tree and the gift of healing during the holidays. It was a heartwarming story of Scrooge finding Christmas cheer and the woman who showed him how. Sadie Wilson is having a rough year. With her business going down the drain and her grandmother's house to sell, the last thing she needs is to have her car smashed against a pole and said pole slicing a truck in half. But that's where she finds herself a few weeks before Christmas, and she's sentenced to serve community service decorating the town's Christmas tree alongside the truck's owner, Colt McCoy. Bearing a giant chip on his shoulder, Colt is a grouchy man who has no time for fooling around with the stupid traditions of the town. As he works with Sadie to complete the tree in time for the lighting ceremony, he begins to thaw to Sadie's inherent optimism and finds that Christmas might not be so awful after all. I loved the banter between Sadie and Colt! They were basically an old married couple before the first ornament was even hung on the tree. Sadie was so exasperated with Colt for being so negative, while Colt was both charmed and irritated by Sadie's determination to make the Christmas tree as perfect as possible. As they grew closer, it was gratifying to watch their imperfections become what they loved most about each other. A true Christmas story of love! Allyson Charles is a great writer, with a talent for creating realistic, relatable people and relationships. This book reminded me of the type of story you might find on Hallmark Channel during the holidays, though it had more sex and less corny behavior than one of their movies typically has. It was delightful and makes me eager to read more books in this series. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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