Book Review: Eternal Hunger by Ainsley Evans


What a fresh take on a vampire romance! While I love vampire books and don't mind when they all follow the same trends, it's refreshing and exciting to read a book that makes its own way with a new idea. Coming from a new author, I am most impressed! Emily Adams is dying. Knowing she may only have months to live, she attends a masked ball hoping to meet a dashing young man and finally get her first kiss. What she gets instead is an encounter with Malcolm MacRoyce, an enigmatic man whose passion threatens to consume her. When they meet again, he makes her an offer she can't refuse, and together they travel as man and mistress. But danger lurks in the shadows and soon Emily will learn exactly what Malcolm is and who she once was. The romance is very tumultuous, though it's not surprising given Malcolm's misconceptions about Emily and his late wife, Nora. It seems quite unhealthy for most of the book, with violent passion mixed with burning longing for each other. They go from affection to disdain off and on for most of the book, but it gets very tender as their relationship progresses. That's when I really got on board with the romance between the two. I loved how Emily never lost her feisty edge and gave Malcolm as good as she got. Malcolm was frustrating at times, but being able to read the book from both points of view helped me see his inner conflict. I felt for them both and kept hoping for a happy end. I am eager to read more Ainsley Evans books! I sincerely hope another is already in the works. She has a talent for writing unique, historically accurate books that leave the reader trembling with suspense and excitement. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to read her book. **I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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