Book Review: Damned If I Do and Damned If I Don't by Erin Hayes

This is another two-for-one special, and by that I mean you get two reviews in one blog post. It's your lucky day! And the great thing is that you only have to wait a few months for the third book. I have been informed it should be published in early 2017. :)

Both books were provided by Xpresso Book Tours.

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This was a cool story, and the best part was that it really hit the ground running! From the first page, it grabbed me and kept me wanting to read until the last page. I'm so excited that I get to read the next book now, since it has already been made available to me. Edie Harker is one of the last Harkers, the leaders of the vampire hunters. Armed with a magical sword tucked away in the skin of her hand, she battles the vampires. However, when her sister is killed and Edie is infected by a rogue vampire, she slowly begins to die. Mixing Harker blood and vampire blood only leads to death,not to the creation of a new vampire. Aided by an amnesiac vampire named Jude, Edie's new purpose is protecting her sister's daughter and finding the rogue vampire in order to do the one thing that will protect her niece - kill him. I loved the suspense and the "crime solving" involved in this book! It was thrilling to watch events unfold, particularly the interaction between Edie and Jude. The story is told from both perspectives, with alternating chapters from Edie's POV and Jude's POV. This is not always enjoyable for me, but in this case, I really liked it. It gave a lot of background we, as readers, wouldn't have, and it helped me bond with both characters. Now I am off to read the next book! Very exciting, as this book has a cliffhanger. I have to know what happens next!

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Wow! I am literally full of energy after reading this book. It's so suspenseful and addicting! I need the next book NOW, but alas, I haven't seen an announcement of when it will be published. Erin Hayes, write faster! I need my Jude and Edie fix. The trilogy continues with Edie Harker and Jude. The head of the vampires, the Progenitor, is in hiding, and Edie is in search of Anthony once again. However, without her left arm and the scar spreading ever further on her body, Edie is beginning to lose hope. When her brother-in-law and niece are taken, it's up to Edie and Jude to save them before the Progenitor's progeny, Anthony, can take over the world. I loved the developing relationship between Edie and Jude in this book! They grow even closer, but it still stays clean, much to my dismay. No hanky panky takes place, as much as I was rooting otherwise. Jude is a sweetheart, and I love that Edie realizes this. She doesn't take him for granted, and she accepts him even after they find out who he was before he was Jude. It's heartbreaking at the end of the book, and it leaves you starving for more! I can't wait for the next book! I need it badly. This book ends on a cliffhanger again, and I hate waiting. Must know what happens! Hopefully the wait will not be long.

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