Book Review: Myth, Magic, and Moonlight by Various Authors


This was an interesting collection of stories! A bit longer than your average novella, though I still felt with a few of them that I could have used more background information to understand what was going on. Below are my mini reviews of each story contained in this collection.

Highland Shadows - Lily Baldwin

I loved this story! One of the things that is common in my favorite books is a scarred hero or heroine, and this book not only has a scarred hero but a heroine with emotional wounds. It was wonderful to see the two come together and find love with each other. The story starts with Alexander MacKenzie, who was scarred at a young age by a vicious fire that killed his mother. Now that he is older, he is familiar with the revile of anyone who sees him, and he expects little else from Laird Ross' daughter, Cora. But Cora has a secret of her own and one that trumps the scars that cover Alex's face and neck. Hers may spell the doom of their love before it has even begun to take root. While I would have liked some more development between Alex and Cora in terms of their relationship, I still enjoyed reading it. I especially had my interest peaked by Alex's brother, Murdoch, whom I hope has his own story in a future book.

The Oracle of Delphi - Elizabeth Rose

This wasn't a very exciting story for me. While I love Greek mythology and reading the various retellings of it, it bothered me that while reading this story, I already knew how it ended. Took some of the fun out of reading it. Of course, this is no fault of the author but rather my own voracious reading habits growing up! The tale is of Andromeda and Perseus. Andromeda is a princess who is to be sacrificed to a sea serpent who is terrorizing her village. Perseus, a demi-god and son of Zeus, is the only one who can stop the sea serpent and save both Andromeda and her people. Before they can do this, however, Andromeda and Perseus must first rescue his mother from certain death by retrieving the head of Medusa and bringing it back to the king who holds his mother captive. Only then can Persues return to Andromeda's home and kill the serpent. Along the way, they fall in love, and with the help of a few gods, they race to save their loved ones. Elizabeth did a great job of retelling the story, though I felt some of the language used often felt out of place. Sometimes I felt like I could be reading a regency novel or a contemporary YA book. It was a bit confusing.

Stefan of Caeli - Aurrora St. James

This was my favorite story in the collection! At first, I felt a little confused as the author introduced a lot of characters in a short span of time. The story switched from one character's POV to another frequently, and I felt I could have understood better had I read other books by this author prior to reading this story. Stefan Baudin is the hero, a dragon shifter who has grown up in the human world with his twin brother and father. Abandoned by their mother at a young age, Stefan now searches for her via rumors of a hidden land rules by dragons. In his searching, he is taken captive by the dragon people, and while in the dungeon, he meets a captivating young woman named Isabela Florin. Isabela isn't who she seems though, and they must both learn to trust each other if they are to find the truth of what happened to Stefan's mother all those years ago. I was enthralled by this book and was glad it was one of the longer stories in the collection. I greatly enjoyed reading about Stefan and Isabela, and they were a well-developed couple. I am hoping to read a book about two of the secondary characters next - Rhys and Corina, who are important characters in this story.

Whistle Down The Wind - Sibelle Stone

I won't remark on this story too much, because it was one that I chose not to finish. The story follows a witch named Catlin Glyndwr who is saved from a trial for witchcraft by Sir Griffin Reynolds, a Cavalier who is soon to be journeying to the New Land. They almost immediately feel an attraction towards each other, but Catlin must decide if she can trust Griffin with her darkest secrets.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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