Book Review: Bloodlust by C.R. Benson

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Although this is not my usual cup of tea, I was excited to give it a chance based on reviews it has already garnered on Amazon! For this author's first book, I am extremely impressed by the writing, particularly the thought obviously given to the mythology of werewolves as well as the backstory of gang dynamics. It had many different angles, which allowed the story to draw in all types of readers. I originally read this due to the promise of romance, but I kept reading based on the story itself. In my mind, the romance took the backseat and the werewolf captured my attention.

Derek Woods is a freshman in college, trying to keep his mind on the future and not the gang life he's trying to leave behind. While struggling to juggle his new life while maintaining old friendships, he meets another new student named Mila Baine. Although he is immediately attracted to her, she is already taken, so they develop a deep friendship and grow closer each passing day. In the midst of this normalcy, an ancient curse is rearing its ugly head, ready to strike at Derek and potentially ruin what little chance he has at a regular life. Its the curse of the Blood Wolf.

As I said previously, the romance is really not what kept me reading. In fact, to be completely honest, the romance was a bit of a turn-off for me. There have been cases - very few, but they exist - where I might read a book or watch a movie and go, "Now, why do we have to have kissing? This would be so much better if she/he would just go away." That's sort of how I felt with this story. Mila did grow on me eventually, but the fact that she had a boyfriend and was leading Derek on at the same time bothered me. That being said, it does get resolved, and I was able to enjoy the Blood Wolf plot. Which was amazing. Its brilliance is almost instantaneously known, when you read the Prologue.

Which deserves its own paragraph! C.R. Benson has a gift. I don't say this lightly - I am often one of those who lurk on Facebook, cursing at people as a silent member of the grammar police. I was absolutely enthralled by his ability to weave together a wholly new, wholly unique version of how werewolves came to be. It's unlike anything I have ever heard, and I consider it the best theory out there to date. He gathers traditional Christian roots and links them to a pagan belief in mythical creatures, and this is what will make C.R. Benson a well-known author very quickly.

I am eager to read the second book! It focuses more on Mila, and I hope it will give more insight into her personality and what makes her tick.

**I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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