Book Review: Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon

I have been itching to post my review for this book, but I never like to post on my blog more than one month in advance of publication! So I had to sit on this review, though it has been posted on Goodreads for a while. Hope you enjoy my review and check out the book soon!

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This book was fantastic! I enjoyed every aspect - the setting, the characters, the mystery. It was very well done and kept me reading all day long. Every time someone interrupted me, I just about growled at them. Almost. I restrained myself. Gilt Hollow is a town full of eccentrics - the heroine, Willow Lamott, lives in a house with one of them, who just happens to be her mother. Others include the people who knit sweaters for trees - no joke! For the last three years, she has endured the accusations of being the girlfriend of a murderer - Ashton Keller - who was said to have pushed his friend off a cliff into the water below. Not normally a killing blow, but the boy hit his head on some rocks and died. Ashton, meanwhile, has been in juvie, believing that everyone, including his parents, have abandoned him to his fate. When he gets out early for good behavior (sorta), he wants only one thing - revenge for the boy he supposedly killed. When Willow and Ashton meet again after so many years, there are feelings of anger, sadness, and mistrust. Willow believes that Ashton ignored the letters she sent to him, and Ashton believes Willow betrayed him by not sticking up for him. When they both find out that they are wrong, and that they have more-than-friendly feelings for each other, they begin to work together to find the real murderer. This begins a string of threats and attacks on both of them, and they have to race to find the murderer before they are killed themselves. The great thing about this mystery was that I had no clue who the murderer was for quite some time. There were several suspects, but it was difficult to pinpoint the killer. I loved that, in the end, I was just as surprised and scared as Willow. My heart beat fast, my breathing sped up, and I turned those pages so fast that had it been a real book (I was reading a Kindle), the pages would probably have been torn. This book grabbed me and sucked me into the world of Gilt Hollow. I didn't particularly want to stay there forever (the townspeople were a bit odd), but while I was there, it was a thrilling adventure. I would recommend this book to any mystery lovers out there. Even if you don't read YA, I think you will like this book. **I received a free copy via NetGalley for an honest review.**

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