Book Review: Mercenary by Michele Mannon

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Wow! There was a LOT of heat packed into this book. I had to take a minute to cool down after each scene, because it I would call this an erotic romance, with lots and lots of spice with some romance sprinkled in to make it a little less insta-lust. Even though that's basically what it was. Love came eventually, but not until after many, many pages know. Madelyn is on the run. She has no idea what from. All she knows are two things: (1) Her sister is missing, and (2) She has a protector. Her protector is Declan, a man who is as dangerous as he looks, and his muscles say a lot about what he does for a living. He may be a mercenary, but Madelyn has him hooked with an emotion he is entirely unfamiliar with. He tries to keep his distance, but when Madelyn's friend is attacked and she narrowly escapes, he comes to Madelyn's rescue. Together they run, and he agrees to help her search for her sister. Little does Madelyn know that Declan is actually on the job. His mission? To find and kill her sister. Madelyn and Declan had an interesting relationship. It was really fast in developing, mostly because of all the lust floating around between the two of them. Madelyn is a virgin, and she can think of no better person to lose her virginity to. So she has some virgin hots for the sexy man who really has to restrain himself from taking what she's offering. Declan is a bit frustrating at times, and I found that I never truly understood him. Madelyn was a sweetie, a lot naive, but she was a character I loved. She really developed as the story progressed, and I enjoyed reading the outcome. I'm really interested in reading the next book! And the one before this, actually. The first book is about Madelyn's sister, Kylie. The next book is about Declan's "co-worker", Diego. Should be pretty steamy! Can't wait to read it. **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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