Book Review: Mad for the Plaid by Karen Hawkins

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This is my favorite installment in the Oxenburg Princes series! Nikolai is lovable, and Ailsa is completely relatable to a modern day woman. I felt a kinship with both, and it made the story fly by. Entirely enjoyable. Lady Ailsa Mackenzie is an independent woman, running her father's Scottish castle as she sees fit. When her grandmother has a guest from Oxenburg, a royal duchess, Ailsa begins a correspondence with the woman's odious grandson, Prince Nikolai Romanovin. She thinks little of his seeming disinterest in his grandmother, but when the duchess is abducted and Nikolai shows ups on Ailsa's doorstep, she realizes not all is as it seems. Ailsa and Nik must join forces to rescue her grandmother, all the while avoiding the increasingly strong attraction they feel towards each other. Nikolai was dreamy - both in looks and charm. I love how Ailsa was able to see past the charm and get to know the real Nik. She didn't put up with his princely antics and stood her ground when she thought he was wrong. He realized what a gem he had found pretty early on, but he was held back by his belief that her unique qualities would be squashed at the royal court. They had a few hiccups along their journey, but I felt like their relationship developed realistically, with passion and romance. It resolved itself fairly abruptly at the end, but it still felt like a happily ever after. Highly recommended! If you want to read a book in this series, this is the one I would tell you to start with. It has the best characters and story line, keeping the reader engaged throughout the book. 5 STARS! **I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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