Blog Crasher: Gamma Nine by Christi Smit

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This is a brand new type of post that you may see every so often on this site! I call it a blog crasher, because it's a non-romance book on a romance book review blog. Please know that I am very picky over which books I read and review, so when a book without romance crashes my blog, it means it's a book you should pay attention to.

A thrilling and spine-tingling read! It was action-packed and gripping, with many unique and intriguing characters. This is one book I can definitely say should be made into a movie. It would be easy, since the author has done such a superb job in describing scenes and making sure the reader can picture every detail of every battle. My mind is overloaded right now, thinking about all that I have just read. The book takes place in the year 2586, and humankind has been living in space for centuries. We have been refugees from our own arrogance, which has unleashed a virus that has decimated populations and planets. Of course, when such destruction happens, two groups are born: the good and the evil. The Titans are the good, an elite military force who dedicate their lives to battling the monsters called the Beasts that are mindless humans infected by the virus. Not only must they battle these creatures, but now they must also battle the evil - a politician who seeks to use the Beasts and manmade technology to rule the universe. Lord Victor Vincent is a psychotic man who thinks nothing of killing as many people as possible to achieve his goal, even if he's the only human left in the end. The detail in this book is just beautiful. I was so involved in each scene, I felt like I was right there next to the Titans. This feeling is difficult to achieve, especially with the challenge of not only world building but also of describing war to someone who has never experienced it. The author did this with what seems like little effort, though I am sure it took him a long time to perfect it. I received a free copy from Christi when he wrote me an email asking me to review the book. From the email alone I knew I was in for a treat. Christi has a gift in writing, and I hope more people discover his gift soon. Superb job, sir!

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