Book Review: Lana and the Laird by Sabrina York

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**I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I will start off by saying that this is an unusual post for me, given that I am not absolutely in love with this book. However, I DO love this author, and I think this could just be a case of me being picky.

I'm of mixed feelings with this book. On the one hand, it was nice to have a conclusion to a wonderful series and to see beloved characters again. On the other hand, I was disappointed in the romance of Lana and Lachlan. I felt myself more interested in the mystery surrounding Lachlan, and I kept wishing for more scenes with Isobel (Lana's 5-year-old niece). When a child steals the show in a book, that means a lot for me. I often find myself not wanting children to be in books, so this was a rare event.

Lachlan has always known that he would die by his thirtieth birthday. He and previous dukes have been cursed, based on one ancestor's stupid act. This has caused him to fear getting close to anyone, and all he wants is to restore his castle before he dies. Lana can see dead people. Spirits, she calls them, and she has known for a while that there was a man out there who needed her. She just didn't know it was Lachlan until they meet by chance when he is visiting her brother-in-law. Then she makes it her mission to help him.

I felt that the biggest issue for me was character development - I only got a shallow idea of who Lana and Lachlan are as people. Their romance was a bit too insta-love, and then most of their interactions throughout the book were just sexual encounters. It was hard for me to see where, when, and how they fell in love. It seemed more like lust than anything. Keep in mind that I don't mind sex scenes in the least, and I think Sabrina York writes some of the best ever. But I would have liked more scenes of them truly getting to know each other. This would have helped me feel more of a connection with the characters.

The villain was your standard, run-of-the-mill bad guy. No surprises there. My favorite character, as I said before, was Isobel! She was adorable. She was actually the highlight of the previous book in this series as well. She kept the story going for me, and she had the best lines! I would love to see her story be written soon. Hopefully she never loses her spunk and wit.

Overall, this book is good but not her best. As with many books, the first in the series was the best. I would recommend starting there, and if your interest us peaked, all three of these books are worth a read!

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