Book Review: One Last Kiss by Ally Broadfield

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**I received a free copy via NetGalley for an honest review.**

This was a pleasant read! It was fairly light for most of the book, though the subject matter became more dark as the story progressed. I enjoyed the main characters, since they weren't the typical British hero and heroine. The hero was 100% Russian, and the heroine was 50% British/50% Russian. It was interesting to see a different side of British society in the early 1800s.

Captain Mikhail Abromovich and Princess Anna Tarasova are childhood sweethearts, though they haven't seen each other in many years. Anna is living in London, courted by many after her dowry details are leaked to the masses, when she runs into Misha (a.k.a. Mikhail). She is thrilled to see him again, and all her feelings for him come rushing back. Misha is happy to see her too, but his love for her must now be used to keep her from learning his true reason for being in London - an alliance between Russia and London against Napoleon-led France.

While I enjoyed the story, it was a bit predictable, so don't expect this to be a big mystery. Almost immediately I figured out who the bad guy was, and it wasn't a surprise in how it all ended. I would characterize this as a "beach read" and recommend it for anyone who wants a quick read for a vacation. It gives you warm fuzzies and leaves you feeling content.

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